I love making websites. Seriously.

For me design and code rank right up there with movies and video games. I’m fortunate enough to be able to go into work every day and help people communicate and do business online.

Addison Hall

Wannabe Jedi Master / Designer & Developer

Addison Hall

In my previous life I was an art director, and then a graphic designer for a wonderful local design firm (thank you, Hap, Hilda, and Jeanne!). After some years, and a little experience under my belt, I was fortunate enough to start a freelance business in 2005 as an all-purpose design studio working in print, logo, and website design.

It didn’t take but a couple of years for me to make the decision to focus entirely on website design and development here in the great state of Mississippi. Now I get to go into work every day to design, build, and maintain all sorts of cool web things that help people communicate and do business. Wow. Who’d a thunk it?