New HORNE LLP website design

We worked closely with HORNE and the awesome developers at LifeCycle Solutions to create a cleaner, more organized look for HORNE’s corporate website. The result is a polished, typographic design that supports their vast amount of information while helping users keep track of where they are in the site. We made sure that the same amount of attention went into designing the mobile interface as well. Visit to see more.

New HORNE LLP homepage

Responsive website design and development for Steel Outdoors

We love designing websites for people that are passionate about what they make, and these guys are passionate indeed. Steel Outdoors designs and builds custom deer feeders (and other items as well) like no one else, and they consider every application so that the product is as good as it can be. And if they find a way to make their feeders better (like keeping out pesky raccoons), they won't hesitate in building a new model. Check them out on their new website at

New responsive website design for WGK Engineers

Addison Hall Design is proud to announce WGK Engineer’s new, fully responsive website. What is responsive, you ask? The site’s responsive design will adapt to the device on which it’s viewed, so the layout will automatically adjust to fit mobile and tablet devices, plus the typical computer screen. We also helped develop some back-end tools to help WGK manage project bids. Visit their new site at

Check back for more information regarding responsive website design.

New website for Callaway's Landscaping

Addison Hall Design just completed and launched a great little website for Callaway's Landscape & Irrigation. Brint Callaway was great to work with, so if you have any landscaping needs in the Jackson, Mississippi area, you should definitely give him a call. Visit their new site at

Rethinking the web design process

I can remember when designing for multiple web browsers was the cause of great distress for all web designers. Looking back, well, we had it easy. Now with a multitude of web-enabled devices in addition to desktop computers, web design has changed for good. Web interface designs must now be fluid and adaptable to accommodate a range of different screen sizes and interaction types (point and click versus touch).

So, from this moment forward Addison Hall Design will be designing for all devices—not just desktop computers. And while I cannot possibly provide the perfect solution for every budget out there, I will do my best to provide an adaptive, usable experience for every client site on any device.

Here’s to the future of web design! Huzzah!